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Too Dark Skin Tone Solution -for Women

In my last article, you learned about melanin and how it causes a dark skin tone. You also learned about the medical treatments that are expensive and may be unsafe in the long run. Here, you will learn about the safe nutraceutical solution.

In general, nutraceuticals are natural compounds often found in plants that have healing properties or medicinal benefits. A dark skin tone is not a medical problem, but a cosmetic one. Dermatologists or cosmetic surgeons are the professionals that women typically turn to for a solution.

You may not need their help.

Because many women have the problem and the solutions for the problem are lacking in terms of safety and effectiveness, researchers in the cosmetic industry began to search for safe and effective solutions. Eventually, they turned to nutraceuticals.

In the case of a dark skin tone, the ingredient they found was in an unlikely place. The nut grass plant is commonly thought of as an invasive weed, but the tubers (the underground parts) of the plant were used historically to relieve inflammation and skin irritation.

A Germany company developed a cream containing extracts from the nut grass plant to reduce skin irritation. During the clinical trials, they found that the cream was also an effective skin lightener. Further study was needed to find out why.

As it turns out, the nut grass extract inhibits melanin production. Something about its protective qualities “relaxes” the melanocytes. They stop producing as much melanin. In some cases, melanin production is reduced by over 40%. That is significant.

After just a few weeks of using a cream containing the nut grass extract, women have noticed that their skin is lighter in tone and more youthful looking. The best creams containing another ingredient that enhances the results and provides additional benefits for the skin’s health and appearance. That ingredient is Xtend-TK.

Xtend-TK contains a form of the protein keratin that can be used by the skin to repair damage and to produce new skin cells. Studies have shown up to a 160% increase in new skin cell proliferation after just a few days of use.

So, what happens when you use a cream containing both the nut grass extract and Xtend-TK is this. New skin cells are naturally produced on a daily basis to replace old and damaged ones. Xtend-TK speeds up that process, meaning that more new skin cells than usually are produced. If you are over the age of 40, the process may have slowed down significantly. It does with age.

The melanin-producing melanocytes feel no need to infuse these new skin cells with melanin. Cells that are lighter in color gradually make their way to the skin’s surface. It does not happen overnight. It is not some kind of bleach. It happens gradually, which is actually a good thing, because the change is less noticeable.

People may realize that you look younger or that your skin looks healthier but they wouldn’t notice that your complexion was lighter unless they were comparing photographs.

There you have the solution for too dark skin tone.

All it takes is a good skin lightening cream.

Just be sure to choose a good one.

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