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The Oily Skin Solution

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If you read my last article, you learned about the causes of oily skin and you should have some idea about the solutions. The immediate solution is to use a deep cleansing mask containing specific ingredients that you will learn about here. Oily Skin a Big Problem for Many Women - 4 Causes

The long-term solution is a good skincare routine that includes the use of a good daily cleanser and a day cream, both of which must contain specific ingredients in order to address the issue of excessive oiliness without stimulating the oil glands to produce more oil. You will find the details about the right ingredients for the long and short-term solutions, as well as why they work below.

  • Kaolin - Oily Skin Solution

Kaolin is an extract from a specific kind of clay. It absorbs excessive oil without causing dryness. The clay also attracts dirt and grime, pulling them out of your pores to reduce your risk of pimples. The mild disinfectant properties of kaolin address any bacterial overgrowth that can lead to acne.

The ingredient can be found in some of the best deep cleansing masks. For best results, use the mask every two weeks. You should see a big improvement after the first use.

  • Bentone Gel - Oily Skin Solution

Bentone gel also has antiseptic activity and works well for absorbing excessive facial oils. It works best when it is combined with kaolin. The best deep cleaning masks contain both ingredients.

  • Active Manuka Honey - Oily Skin Solution

Active manuka honey has natural antibacterial activity that helps to heal existing pimples and prevent new ones from forming. You’ll find the ingredient in the better deep cleansing masks and also in good daily cleansers.

  • Kiwifruit Extract - Oily Skin Solution

Kiwifruit extract is an excellent natural cleanser. Its foaming properties will lift away excessive oils, makeup and dirt. Instead of irritating and stimulating the oil glands to produce more oils, kiwifruit extract restores the skin’s natural pH balance of 5.5, which means you don’t have to use a toner and you don’t run the risk of having oily skin all day. You will find the ingredient in the better daily cleansers.

  • Maracuja - Oily Skin Solution

Maracuja is an extract from the passion fruit. Because it is similar in structure to human skin, it has the effect of soothing the oil-producing glands in such a way that they do not produce excessive oil. If you use a day cream containing maracuja after you wash your face, the glands do not sense dryness. They are not stimulated to produce more oil.

  • Babassu - Oily Skin Solution

Babassu has similar effects to maracuja. The two ingredients help to balance sebum production. When used regular, they help to prevent your skin from becoming too oily or too dry. Excessive dryness is worse in some ways than excessive oiliness, because it leads to premature skin aging and wrinkles.

  • A Brief Review 
  • Use the mask described above right away. 
  • Make the changes recommended in my previous article 
  • Avoid bad skincare products 
  • Avoid over-cleansing 
  • Use the daily facial cleanser followed by the oil-balancing day cream you learned about here. 

Those are the solutions for healthy non-oily skin.

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Oily Skin

  Of all the skin types, oily skin is often the most challenging. Oil production is completely natural and is the result of the sebaceous glands located in the dermis or middle layer of skin. These natural oils help keep skin moist and supple. But for some, the sebaceous glands produce too much oil, leading to the most dreaded of the skin types – oily skin.


How do I know I have oily skin?

Most teen-agers have oily skin because this is the time when hormone production is in full swing. But if you've passed your teen years, there are other ways of determining whether or not you have oily skin. It's fairly easy to detect, so start by looking in the mirror. Do you notice a sheen on your skin, especially in your 'T-Zone?' The T-Zone starts at the point between your eyes and extends vertically down along your nose all the way to your chin. The zone also runs horizontally across the bridge of your nose, starting and ending at the center point below each eye.

You may or may not notice the sheen during the day, so check again first thing after waking. If there's a sheen, chances are good you have oily skin. While you're standing at the mirror, take a look at your hair. If it's oily, it's another indication you likely have oily skin. If you wear make-up, specifically foundation, and you find it fades or wears off after a couple of hours, that's yet another indication of oily skin. If you're constantly patting your face with powder or even a handkerchief it's probably because of oily skin.

The presence of blemishes is another good indication although stress, hormones and other factors can all cause outbreaks. And remember that oily skin isn't found only on the face. The back, neck, chest, shoulders and arms can all be oily.

  • How to care for oily skin?

If you do have oily skin, you probably feel that the best way to combat it is to strip away those pore-clogging, sheen-producing oils. Don't! Although they cause trouble for your complexion, oils produced by the sebaceous glands are important because they act as the skin's natural moisturizer. And oily skin is sometimes sensitive. Rather than completely remove oil, you need to keep it under control.

Another reason not to use harsh soaps that strip away oil is that doing so may cause the sebaceous glands to increase their oil production. They'll instinctively want to replenish the lost oils and you may end up with a bigger problem.

You've got to keep oily skin clean so that pores openings remain clear. Otherwise, dead cells, dirt and other bacteria will clog pores and cause pimples. Skin is delicate so always use a gentle cleanser and warm, not hot water. Exfoliate weekly with a non-abrasive product to help remove any pore-clogging material or use a toner that does not list alcohol as an ingredient.

Use products that moisturize in moderation and according to directions. Make sure the cosmetics and sun protection you use are oil-free. Look for skin care products with the words 'non-comedogenic' or 'non-acnegenic' on the labels.


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