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The Oily Skin Solution

-for Men


The oily skin solution for men involves the use of just three products.

Some manufacturers of skincare products recommend as many as six different products. If you choose products that contain the right ingredients, you don’t need that many different products and you save money. Here you will learn about the products you need and the ingredients they should contain.

Deep Cleansing Mask

A deep cleansing mask provides an immediate solution for oily skin, assuming it contains the right ingredients. If it contains the wrong ones, it can actually make your problems worse. The right ingredients are kaolin and bentone gel, active manuka honey, allantoin and macadamia oil.

Kaolin and bentone gel are clay extracts that have the ability to attract any dirt or dead skin cells that may be clogging your pores. They also have mild drying properties and the ability to absorb excessive skin oils without causing irritation or stimulating your skin to produce more oils. The ingredients work to correct oily skin and also reduce your risk of pimples by keeping the pores clear.

Active manuka honey is an effective cleanser with natural antibacterial and antioxidant activity that helps to heal any existing blemishes. You will also see the ingredient mentioned below because it is beneficial when used every day. You would not want to use kaolin or bentone gel every day because they would cause excessive dryness, something you want to avoid.

Allantoin has natural anti-inflammatory activity. If you read some of my earlier articles, you know that hormonal activity stimulates the skin’s oil producing glands. One of the underlying processes involved is inflammation. Inflammation also plays a role in pimple formation. Basically, allantoin soothes the oil-producing glands helping to prevent excessive oil production.

Macadamia oil is a light moisturizer that keeps the clay ingredients from drying out and clogging your pores. The light moisturizing effect also soothes the oil-producing glands. They do not sense the need to produce more oil.

Foaming Facial Wash

You really should not be using soap or body-wash on your face. A foaming facial wash containing active manuka honey and kiwifruit extract is a better choice.

You already know about the benefits of manuka honey. Kiwifruit extract provides several benefits. It lifts away dirt and oils while balancing the skin’s pH level. This means you don’t have to use an additional toner. The extract and the honey will not strip the skin or stimulate the oil producing glands but you should still follow up with a moisturizing facial fluid.

Daily Age-Defense Men’s Facial Fluid

If you are using an acne medication, it is particularly important that you use a light moisturizer. The moisturizer should be free of petrolatum or mineral oil. Otherwise it can clog the pores.

The light moisturizer is beneficial for oily skin when it contains ingredients like capuacu butter and Babassu wax. These are gentle moisturizers that help to balance oil production. Facial fluid is the answer.

These three products are the solution for oily skin. Once you start using them, you will see the difference. Your complexion will look better than ever before.  

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