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The Dry Skin Solution

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The ultimate dry skin solution is to use good moisturizers. As you learned in my last article, there are many things that can cause dryness. Good moisturizers can address practically all of the causes, as long as they contain the right ingredients. Dry Skin a Big Problem for Many Women

Here, you will learn about today’s most effective ingredients.

  • Grape Seed Oil - Dry Skin Solution

Grape seed oil is not a new ingredient. People have used it for eating and for skincare for many years. Only recently have we learned about why it works.

Unlike other oils, grape seed oil has a unique “filming” ability. As the oil dries, it forms an invisible barrier that keeps moisture locked inside of the skin’s cells and also works to protect your skin from the elements.

The ingredient is found in some of the best day creams and body lotions. It is light enough to use after every bath or shower and after you wash your face, no matter how many times a day you do that.

  • Macadamia Oil - Dry Skin Solution

Macadamia oil can provide immediate benefits for dry skin because it is easily and quickly absorbed by the skin’s cells. It has a proven and unsurpassed ability to penetrate even rough heavily damaged skin.

Macadamia oil is too heavy to use every day. It is one of the main ingredients in the best deep hydrating mask. If your skin is suffering from the effects of mild dehydration, a deep hydrating mask is the best immediate solution.

  • Glycerin and Sorbitol - Dry Skin Solution

Glycerin and sorbitol are natural plant-based moisturizers that also provide extra deep hydration. The best deep hydrating masks also contain these ingredients.

  • Wakame Kelp Extracts - Dry Skin Solution

One of the components responsible for the skin’s moisture content and also its firmness is hyaluronic acid. This natural skin component is sometimes used in anti-wrinkle injections. It has also become a popular moisturizer ingredient. The problem with applying hyaluronic acid to the skin is that it cannot penetrate.

Creams containing wakame kelp extracts have been shown to significantly increase the skin’s hyaluronic acid content. This is particularly beneficial for older women who may have less hyaluronic acid in their skin. The extracts can also protect against sun damage, a potential cause of dryness. You will find the ingredient in the best facial moisturizers and body lotions.

  • Xtend-TK - Dry Skin Solution

While all of the other ingredients I have mentioned so far are helpful, Xtend-TK is the ultimate ingredient for healing dry skin. It has been shown to improve the skin’s moisture content immediately after it is applied and has also been shown to improve your skin’s ability to retain moisture. Over the course of 18 days, a 14% improvement in moisture retention has been seen in clinical studies.

Xtend-TK is found in a number of anti-aging skincare products. As you may remember, excessive dryness can lead to premature aging and is also a cause of wrinkles. The best facial moisturizers, deep hydrating masks and body lotions contain this highly active ingredient.

You will see the best results if you use products containing this healing agent every day. How to Remove Dry Itchy Skin






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