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Saggy Skin a Big Problem for Many Women


Saggy skin is not a problem for every woman. But it is, if you have it.  Here you can learn more about what causes it.

Understanding the causes will help you better apply droppy skin solutions.

Cause #1: Weight Gain, Weight Loss

Weight gain stretches the body. You get stretch marks, which are like scars beneath the skin’s surface. During pregnancy, for example, most women get these type marks on their abdomens and sometimes their breasts.

When you lose the weight, the things do not tighten back up immediately. After the baby is born, you will have loose flabbiness on your abdomen for at least a month, possibly longer.

Sagged areas may be related to any (or all) of the causes mentioned below. A wrinkled face, in particular, often accompanies aging, but age is not the cause. The true reasons are listed below.

Cause #2: Chronic Inflammation

Inflammation damages and degrades the skin’s elastic fibers. They are composed of the proteins collagen and elastin.

We often think of inflammation as a painful thing that accompanies an illness or injury. Chronic swelling and redness is a different type. It is often called “silent” inflammation, because it is not accompanied by pain or other symptoms.

Cause #3: Decreased Levels of Hyaluronic Acid

This type of acid is a natural component. It plays a minor role in the  firmness and smoothness, not quite as important as collagen and elastin but still important.

Low levels of hyaluronic acid often accompany the age process. The cause has to do with increased activity of an enzyme that breaks down this acid.

Cause #3: Decreased Skin Cells

Hyaluronic acid also plays a role in cell manufacturing. When you are young, old cells are sloughed off and new ones work their way to the surface at a very fast rate. Thousands of new ones per day are made.

Diminished skin-cell process is something that accompanies aging, although we are not sure “why” that happens. We do know that it is possible to stimulate the making of new cells with specific anti-aging ingredients.

Cause #4: Decreased Production of Collagen and Elastin

The third thing that we do not know is why the body produces less collagen and elastin fibers as time goes on. But we do know that their growth can be stimulated with good care products.

The Solutions

As you might imagine, a single solution will not take care everything. A complete approach would include:

  • Increased protein intake


  • Increased intake of natural anti-inflammatories through foods or supplements


  • Using the best anti-aging skincare products

The best anti-aging skin-care products contain ingredients that address the issues of low hyaluronic acid levels, decreased skin cell and collagen and elastin. The Saggy Skin Solution for Women