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Razor Burn Solution

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If you read my last article, you know that the ultimate solution for razor burn is to use a good facial fluid on a daily basis. Now, you need to know what it takes to make a good facial fluid. It’s all about the ingredients.

The best facial fluids to heal and prevent razor burn contain witch hazel, D-Panthenol, capuacu butter, Babassu wax and Xtend-TK. These ingredients are all present in nature and any one of them could help “a little”. The trick is combining them in just the right way. That’s why I recommend a well-designed facial fluid, rather than a single ingredient. Here’s how these ingredients work and why you want your facial fluid to contain all of them.

Witch Hazel

Witch hazel was the most popular aftershave for many years. It wasn’t until petroleum-based alcohols because so cheap and readily available that barbers stopped using witch hazel. Some barbers still prefer witch hazel and many have returned to using it because it is more natural.

Witch hazel provides a variety of benefits related to preventing and healing razor burn. First, it soothes the occasional irritation caused by shaving. It has natural anti-inflammatory activity that reduces redness. It is even beneficial for cracked or blistered skin.

The mild astringent activity helps to prevent infections in shaving nicks. It helps heal sunburns, too. Instead of causing the burn you feel after using an alcohol-based aftershave, you feel a soothing sensation and maybe a little tingling.


D-Panthenol is also known as vitamin B5. The nutrient is very important for the skin’s health and appearance, as it is involved in tissue repair. It provides relief for razor burn and provides some natural protection against sunburn.

Capuacu Butter

Capuacu butter comes from a South American fruit and was used by native healers to help heal burns of all kinds. The fruit contains essential fatty acids that lubricate and soothe inflammation. The composition is very similar to the skin’s own oils but the butter does not leave a greasy feeling.

Babassu Wax

Babassu is another soothing ingredient that can be used whether your skin is naturally oily or naturally dry. It has anti-inflammatory activity that reduces the redness of razor burn and irritated skin. Another benefit is that it helps to moisturize without clogging the pores and creates a lightweight barrier that keeps dirt and grime out of the pores.


Xtend-TK is a proprietary formula that contains the protein keratin. Keratin is the main component of the cells in the skin’s outer layers. The keratin in Xtend-TK is bioavailable, meaning that the body can use the protein to repair cell damage.

This natural ingredient has proven anti-inflammatory activity that is quite potent. It actually inhibits inflammation. The other ingredients “reduce” or soothe inflammation but do not prevent it. With regular use, a facial fluid containing Xtend-TK can help to prevent occasional razor burn.

All the Steps

Use a good lubricant. Use a sharp razor and use your facial fluid as an aftershave treatment. That is the complete solution for razor burn.