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Pimples a Big Problem

-for Many Women

Pimples are one of the biggest problems that women have with their skin. Practically every woman will have a pimple or two at some point.

Having a few pimples is not necessarily a symptom of acne. There are a lot of myths surrounding the causes of pimples and acne. Here’s a look at the true causes and the best solutions.

Cause #1: Inflammation

Inflammation is an underlying issue that is always involved. A pimple is a minor infection. Inflammation is always a part of an infection. It is what causes the skin to swell around the pimple and swelling within the hair-producing follicle plays a role in pimple formation.

Cause #2: Hormones

Hormones can have inflammatory activity. The increased hormonal activity that accompanies puberty stimulates the hair-producing follicles and causes increased oil production. The stimulation can cause the glands and the follicles to become inflamed. This swelling can narrow the pore trapping oil inside. The oil combines with dead skin cells and bacteria to create the slight infection that we call pimples.

Cause #3: Acne & Bacterial Over-Growth

Acne is a condition that causes pimples, but not all pimples are caused by acne. They can also be caused by clogged pores and other things. If you do have acne, the condition is related to overgrowth of the P acnes bacteria which is naturally present on the skin’s surface. When more bacteria is present, there is a greater risk of pimples forming through the process mentioned above.

Cause #4: Eating Inflammatory Foods

In years past, it was thought that acne was caused by chocolate and other sweet treats. This theory was completely dismissed for a while but new research has shown that diet can play a role.

Foods that have inflammatory activity are simple carbohydrates. Simple carbs are digested too quickly. As a result, they cause spikes in blood sugar and insulin levels causing inflammation throughout the body.

Other foods that may be connected to pimples and acne include dairy products. Eating sherbet, milk and yogurt has been shown in some studies to cause an increased risk of acne, for reasons as yet unknown.

Cause #5: Cosmetics and Skincare Products

Foundation and other kinds of makeup can clog the pores. The ingredients petrolatum and mineral oil which are found in many cosmetics and personal care products also have pore-clogging activity. Basically, anything that sits on top of the skin for any length of time can cause pores to become clogged and inflamed, which can lead to pimples.

The Solutions

A healthy diet and the use of good dietary supplements can help to keep your hormones more balanced. Some foods and supplements also have natural anti-inflammatory activity. Curcumin, piperine and omega-3 fish oil are examples of supplements that reduce inflammation throughout your body. You can find curcumin and piperine in some of the better daily multi-nutritional supplements.

Dietary changes and even supplements can take time to work. Using good skincare products will work faster. You can get an immediate improvement in your skin’s appearance by using a  and other ingredients that work to reduce inflammation and have natural antibacterial activity.




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