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Oily Skin a Big Problem

-for Many Women - 4 Causes


Oily skin is one of the biggest skin care problems that women mention. Practically all women have problems with oily, greasy looking skin at some point in their lives. Here, you can learn about four causes and what you can do about it.

Cause #1: Hormonal Activity

As you may have read in one of my earlier articles, hormonal changes that occur during puberty stimulate the skin’s glands causing them to produce more oil. As a woman, you will also have hormonal changes around your period, after childbirth and during menopause that can cause skin changes including excessive oiliness.

Cause #2: Diet

The skin’s oil is called sebum. It is composed of fat. Eating a high fat diet increases your risk of oiliness, just as it increases your risk of heart disease.

Simple carbs such as white bread, potatoes and white rice can also play a role because they cause increased insulin production. Insulin can also stimulate the oil-producing glands.

Cause #3: Over-Cleansing

Excessive cleansing is one of the most common causes of oily skin. It may seem logical to wash your face three or four times a day using a strong cleanser. For a few minutes, your skin will feel less oily.

The problem is that excessive cleansing causes your glands to produce more oil. As the body becomes aware that the skin is dry, it wants to correct the problem. The oil serves a purpose. The goals should not be to get rid of the oil completely, but to balance the oil production.

Cause #4: Using the Wrong Skincare Products

This is the number one cause of oiliness. The ingredients commonly found in cosmetics and other skincare products can cause the skin to feel oily or greasy. Some of the ingredients to avoid include:

· Petrolatum—otherwise known as Vaseline—found in shampoos, body washes, facial cleansers, sunscreens and moisturizers

· Mineral oil—the liquefied version of petrolatum—found in makeup, foundation, moisturizer, body lotion, body wash, sunscreens and many other skincare products

· Cocoa butter—not compatible with the skin’s own oils—found in moisturizers, sunscreens, tanning lotion, etc.

Those ingredients do not have the same effect as excessive cleansing. They don’t cause your body to product more oil. They simply make your skin feel oily.

The Solutions for Skin Care Problems

You can’t stop hormonal activity from happening, but a healthy diet and good dietary supplements can help to balance your hormones. You can make healthy dietary changes, avoid over-cleansing and avoid bad skincare products. Those solutions take time. What you probably want right now is an immediate solution.

The immediate solution for oily skin is a deep cleansing mask containing kaolin, bentone gel and other natural ingredients that dry up excessive oils while gently pulling dirt and grime out of the pores. The mask will solve the problem temporarily. A good skincare routine will keep the problem from coming back.

You will learn more about the immediate and the long term solution by clicking The Oily Skin Solution for Women  Margaret Bell, Skin Care Specialist


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