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Do you have puffy eyes? If you read my last article, you learned about the different things that can cause the problem, some of which are unique to women. I also mentioned some of the solutions for the problem, including the nutraceutical eye contour serum solution. Here, you can learn about the nutraceutical ingredients that make the serum work.


Eyeliss is a proprietary formula created in Europe. It contains peptides, which are short chains of amino acids. You might also think of peptides as protein fragments. The nutraceutical properties of the peptides include:

· Stimulates fluid circulation

· Reduces swelling

· Stimulates collagen production

If you also have dark circles under your eyes, Eyeliss will help with that problem too. In clinical trials, people with chronic dark circles saw them disappear after four to eight weeks of daily use. The serum reduces temporary puffiness quickly and can resolve chronic puffiness in a matter of weeks.

Homeo Age

Homeo Age is an extract from Canadian brown algae. The main benefit of the nutraceutical ingredient has to do with how it stimulates the production of new skin cells. As the skin become thicker, tighter and firmer, puffiness is less likely to happen. In other words, it helps to keep the problem from coming back with regular use.

Nano-Lipobelle H EQ10

As you may remember, the skin’s antioxidant content decreases with age, making bags and dark circles more likely and also leaving the skin cells unprotected from free radical damage. Nano-lipobelle H EQ10 contains the nutraceuticals coenzyme Q10 and vitamin E, both of which have potent antioxidant activity.

The nanoparticle formulation allows the antioxidants to penetrate deeply into the skin’s layers. They can help repair damage to leaky blood vessels beneath the eyes, improve circulation and generally make the skin beneath the eyes look more youthful.


Xtend-TK is a protein-based ingredient that targets many of the causes of skin aging, including decreased production of new skin cells and elastic fibers. The protein formulation is very similar to the main protein found in human skin. That protein is keratin.

Keratin has been used in skincare products for many years but the benefits were limited by the manufacturing process. High temperatures and solvents were used to soften the protein, which is hard in nature. The process rendered the protein inactive, meaning that the skin could not use it.

The keratin in Xtend-TK is “bioavailable”. That means that your body can use it to repair skin damage and also to grow new skin cells.

The main benefit of Xtend-TK for eye puffiness has to do with how it improves the skin’s firmness and elasticity. Studies have shown that after just a few weeks of use, there is a significant increase in skin firmness among women who used a cream containing Xtend-TK on a daily basis.

Only the best eye contour serums contain all of these ingredients. But if you really want a solution for eye puffiness, that’s the kind of serum that you want. Use it every day and you will see results.


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