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Dark Eye Circles a Big Problem for Many Women

No woman likes to see dark circles under her eyes, yet most women see the problem occasionally. Here, you can learn more about the problem and what you can do about it.

Dark circles beneath or around the eyes can be caused by a number of things. Fatigue is probably the most common cause. In some cases, what you are seeing is something like a bruise. In others, the darkness is caused by visible blood vessels.

Bruises are usually caused by an injury that damages the blood vessels to the point that fluids leak out of them. Leaky blood vessels can occur without an outright injury, like being punched in the eye. Sometimes, because of age or poor health, the vessels start to leak.

The fluids become visible through the skin beneath the eyes because the area is thinner than anywhere else on the body. This also explains why blood vessels could be visible in this location when they are not visible in others.

When the blood vessels are not leaking but are simply visible, the cause is often heredity. Dark circles are sometimes an inherited trait. In this case, the color is usually somewhat bluish. If you have always had them, you might have to blame your genes.

As you age, your skin becomes even thinner. Your skin’s collagen content also decreases with age. Collagen is one of the components that make the skin less transparent. As collagen is lost, your skin can become more transparent. Blood vessels that were not visible in the past are suddenly quite noticeable.

Some people naturally have more transparent skin than others. Some people’s eyes are naturally set deeper in the bones, making shadows a contributing problem.

Allergies, asthma and eczema increase the risk of dark eye circles because of itching, scratching and this situation the circles are actually bruises. In people with hay fever, there is often a dark, smudgy looking area beneath the eyes that is not related to scratching or rubbing. Even food allergies can cause the symptom.

Certain medications that cause the blood vessels to dilate worsen the problem. The increased blood flow simply shows through this thin area of the skin.

Anemia or a lack of any essential nutrients in the diet can cause the symptom. If you are still menstruating, you may have a minor iron deficiency. Most women have at least a slight iron deficiency during their menstrual years.

Iron deficiency is accompanied by two symptoms that increase the risk of dark circles and make existing circles more visible. First the condition is accompanied by paleness and second the fluids in the vessels are darker because of the lack of oxygen.

Depending on the severity of your problem, you may need to take several steps to create a complete solution. Makeup is a temporary cosmetic fix, but you might want to use that while you are working on a long-term solution.

Nutrients provide a long-term solution. Ultimately, the symptom is a sign of poor health unless it is related to genetics. Even then, a nutraceutical solution may be helpful. In my next article, you can learn more about nutraceuticals and how then can fade dark eye circles.

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