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BIGGEST Skin Care Problems for Men

Men have a variety of different skin care problems, some more common than others. All men go through puberty which is usually accompanied by oily skin and pimples. Women usually have those problems too.

Many men shave their faces and that can create a set of unique problems. Of course, some problems are due to neglect. Lots of guys just aren’t taught about how to shave properly or how best to take care of their skin.

The 5 skincare problems listed here are the ones that we hear men complaining about more than the others. That’s why we call them the “biggest” skin care problems for men.

Oily Skin Problem for Men

Men often have oily skin, particularly during puberty when hormonal changes stimulate the skin’s oil-producing glands, which are located alongside the hair-producing follicles beneath the skin’s pores. The technical term for the area is the “pilosebaceous unit”.

Testosterone stimulates the unit to spur hair growth on the face and other areas of the body. The skin’s oil or sebum is basically a lubricant for the hairs. When the unit is stimulated, more oil is produced. After hormone levels stabilize, the problem of oily skin sometimes corrects itself. In other cases, the problem requires lifelong management. You can learn more about oily skin and how to manage it click this link: The Oily Skin Solution for Men

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Razor Burn Problem for Men

Razor burn is characterized by redness, similar to sunburn. The most common causes are failure to use a sharp razor or failure to use a good lubricant. But even if you are careful, you sometimes get a burn.

In addition to using a sharp razor and a good lubricant, there are other things you can do to prevent the burns from happening and to soothe them when they do. You can learn more about the subject in another article of this series.

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Shaving Bumps Problem for Men

Shaving bumps are sometimes accompanied by razor burn. Sometimes, razor burns precede the bumps, sometimes not. The bumps look like pimples but are actually a type of folliculitis; inflammation of the hair-producing follicles. Here’s what happens.

The follicles become inflamed or swollen. The hair tries to grow out of the follicle but becomes trapped. The problem is sometimes described as “ingrown hairs”. It can be quite painful and doesn’t look very good. You can learn more about what causes it and how to prevent it in future articles.

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Redness & Irritation Problem for Men

Redness and irritation are signs of underlying inflammation. Inflammation on the face is a big problem for men, mostly due to shaving, but there are other sources of irritation, including excessive exposure to sun or wind.

If the redness and irritation becomes chronic, the skin can become rough, thick and unattractive. You can learn more about how to address the issue before it becomes chronic in another article of this series.

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Wrinkles Problem for Men

Practically every guy has a few wrinkles. They may be distinguishing looking but they’re not really attractive. Modern research has taught us the things we can do to prevent and possibly reverse wrinkles.

You can learn more about wrinkles and the solution to the problem by click this link - The Wrinkle Solution for Men  

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