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9 Reasons to Use an Eye Contour Serum 

There are plenty of good reasons to use an eye contour serum.  Here we focus on just 9 of them.  

Reason 1. Reducing bags is one reason to use an eye contour serum.  Research has shown that a European compound called EYELISS provides results when other serums are ineffective.  It has been a celebrity secret for many years, but is now available to everyday folks like you and me. How to Treat Baggy Eyes

Reason 2. To further reduce the inflammation that can lead  to puffiness, Babassu palm wax is very effective.  It pays to be selective about the ingredients in an eye serum for men and for women.  Sometimes they might seem similar, when they are actually very different.  Most serums contain some kind of wax, usually paraffin. Only Babassu palm wax provides the anti-inflammatory benefits. How to Treat Puffy Eyes

Reason 3. In order to reduce dark circles , a common problem for older people, the skin’s circulatory health must be addressed.  Another European compound called HALOXYL has been shown to reduce dark circles quickly by stimulating the circulation of fluids and waste products responsible for the darkness. How to Treat Dark Circles Under Eyes


Reason 4. The skin beneath the eyes is thinner than anywhere else on the face making it subject to wrinkles.  You can thicken up the skin in this area by using ingredients proven to stimulate cellular growth. Homeo Age, a derivative from Canadian brown algae, provides a 25% increase in cellular growth according to scientific studies. How to Treat Wrinkles Around Eyes


Reason 5 . One of the main reasons to use a good eye serum is to moisturize the area and prevent crows feet . If it becomes dry, it can easily be damaged, because of its thinness.  What is needed is an effective moisturizer. Not only does it improve the skin’s moisture content, it also improves its ability to retain moisture. How to Treat Crows Feet Around Eyes


Reason 6. You need something to lock in the moisture. Crodamol CAP is a plant derivative that creates a non-greasy layer to do just that. How to Prevent and Restore Skin Moisture Loss


Reason 7. No one wants wrinkles beneath or at the corners of their eyes.  It is often the first sign of aging.  One of the most effective ingredients for wrinkle reduction , particularly the kind of wrinkles caused by sun exposure, is NANO-lipobelle HEQ10. How to Get Rid of Eye Wrinkles


Reason 8. One of the risks of using eye serums is that bacteria will form in the tube, which could lead to an eye infection.  Most companies use artificial preservatives to prevent that.  But artificial preservatives are common allergens .  It is particularly important that eye serums are non-allergenic.  To prevent bacteria from forming in the tube without the use of artificial preservatives and protect their customers’ health , the better manufacturers use natural vitamin E. How Natural Vitamin E Prevents Allergic Reactions in Eyes


Reason 9. An overgrowth of bacteria can occur on the skin, too.  This is one of the things that happen when you get a pimple.  Active Manuka Honey has natural antibacterial activity.   The better eye serums contain it. And we have it.    How to Prevent Bacterial Overgrowth on Skin


The best serums contain all of the ingredients mentioned above, because they work better as a team.  A team can always accomplish more than a single player.   

But here is one that works very well.   Womens - Eye Serum





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Womens - Eye Serum